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Our Etobicoke dentist and dental office located in southwest Etobicoke, Toronto has been providing full dental care for adults & children since 1993.

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(We're across the street from McDonald's & LCBO)

Our Etobicoke dental clinic provides you with the best dental care by experienced dentists within west Toronto, Ontario. We offer patients complete dental care by our head Etobicoke dentist, Dr. Jack Pozniakowski, along with his dental associates.

Our full-service Etobicoke dental clinic
provides patients with:

Braces, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, gum treatment, root canals, porcelain crowns and veneers, dentures and dental implants across Etobicoke, Toronto and the GTA.

Message from our dentist:

My name is Dr. Jack Pozniakowski and my dental team and I are warmly inviting you to visit our Etobicoke dental office to experience our unique approach to dental care.

Our dental clinic is approaching an era that will change the perception of dentistry and its association with pain, numb lips and fear. The new era of dental profession is right around the corner and we have already started making the turn.

About our Etobicoke Dental Clinic:

Dr. Jack Pozniakowski has been practicing dentistry in Etobicoke since 1993. For nearly 20 years, our Etobicoke dentists and highly skilled staff have been providing laser dentistry and braces to dental patients across Toronto.

Dr. Pozniakowski’s Etobicoke dental office is also the place to call if you suffer from TMJ and sleep related problems. We look forward to seeing you.


Welcome to our Etobicoke Dental Office

Why See a Dentist?

At our Etobicoke dental clinic, our dentists advise that adults and children should visit us every 6 months for regular teeth cleaning.

Prevention of oral and gum diseases such as tooth decay are better than treating them. And for those people who use tobacco and alcohol are at a greater risk for oral diseases, and so they should have dental check ups more often than twice a year. Periodontal and gum disease, certain medical conditions, and poor oral hygiene are factors which our Etobicoke dentists will take into consideration when determining the frequency of your visits here at our clinic.

~Dr. Laser Etobicoke Dental Clinic

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